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Never Let Snow Hold You Back with Goodyear Ultra Grip® Tires

When you live in New Hampshire, feeling confident and in-control on slick winter roads can mean the difference between feeling stranded at home and getting out there to enjoy all our great state has to offer. Or that, we recommend Goodyear Ultra Grip® tires. When you need winter tires in NH, Goodyear Ultra Grip® tires provide incredible traction on every combination of snow and ice, making winter driving a breeze.

With the combination of great traction and the ability to stop on snow 6 feet shorter on average than other leading tires, Goodyear Ultra Grip® winter tires have quickly become a favorite among our customers and our technicians.

Feel Confident no matter what the weather does. Schedule an appointment today to save on winter tires at Granite State Tire.

Winter Tire FAQ’s for New Hampshire Drivers:

Browse through some frequently asked questions we hear from our customers in New Hampshire

Icy Roads in New Hampshire
Many times your all-season tires can manage pretty well in the snow. That is, if they’re relatively new and in good condition. Especially in New Hampshire, you need good traction in the winter. If your all-season tires have a few years of wear on them, chances are they’re not going to cut it in the winter. On top of this, most of today’s all-season tires are engineered to deliver traction, comfort, and wear resistance. In most cases, winter traction isn’t the top-concern for an all-season tire. After all, you know what they say --- “A jack of all trades is a master of none.”
If you tend to encounter snowy or icy roads during your daily commute in the winter, you probably need a set of winter tires. Fortunately, we can help.
It’s great when you don’t need to drive in the snow, but that’s not always a possibility. A good set of winter tires gives you the freedom to get out and do what you want (and need) to do in the winter, without feeling trapped because of the roads.
Yes and no. All-season tires are engineered for solid all-around performance with a focus on comfort, performance, resistance wear, and traction. However, they can’t be good at everything, and if your all-season tires are getting a bit old, chances are they’re not going to be ideal for winter driving.
Winter tires are an investment. Fortunately, here at Granite State Tire we have great prices on winter tires as well as periodic promotional offers to make getting a nice set of winter tires cheaper than many other retailers. On top of this, if you use winter tires instead of all-season tires, by switching to your all-seasons for spring and summer you will be able to drive on them for much longer – allowing you to stretch the life of all of your tires.
Winter tires are engineered to perform at a lower temperature. They’re manufactured with a softer rubber that’s designed to stay flexible, even in the cold. Because of this, higher temperatures can accelerate wear-and-tear. It’s best to store your winter tires for the year when temperatures get back up to around 45ºF to 50ºF
Short answer: yes. Traction control is designed to prevent you from overpowering your tires. When one tire is spinning faster than the others, your traction control system will automatically reduce the speed of so that wheel doesn’t slip. While this can help prevent slides and spins, it doesn’t actually improve your traction.
Front wheel drive is definitely an advantage when it comes to winter drive, but a front wheel drive vehicle with winter tires will perform even better. Front wheel drive helps your car get going and stay going in the right direction in winter driving conditions, but it doesn’t help your car stop. That’s where winter tires come in.
AWD and 4WD are incredible tools to have when it comes to winter driving, and while it’s much harder to get stuck in your driveway or at the bottom of a steep hill, winter tires will still make a major difference when it comes to traction and stopping.
Taking it slow and careful is always a good idea. But with winter tires on your vehicle, your margin for error is much higher. With winter tires and 4x4 or AWD, your ability to quickly react to changing conditions on the road is helped by traction that gives you the performance to make a split section decision without sliding, spinning, or losing control.

Have a question about winter tires that we haven’t answered? We’re all ears. Contact us today with any questions, or schedule an appointment on our home page to get the winter tires that will keep you going no matter what the weather does.

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