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Suspension Services

Keeping You on the Road and In-Control

The role of the suspension system is to help you stay in control while you're driving. With the highly variable driving conditions we experience here in New Hampshire, it's important to make sure your suspension system is working properly.

Your suspension, shocks, and struts play an active role in the safety, handling, and performance of your car. With that in mind, suspension maintenance and repair should never be put on hold. With worn suspension components not only will your vehicle handle unpredictably, it will also take longer to stop.

Why chance it? Schedule an appointment today and we'll fit your service into the timeframe that gets you back on the road the quickest.

Nobody likes being without his or her car. But don't let that stop you. If you need a ride we're happy to transport you to and from work, home, or wherever you need to go.

Does Your Suspension Need Attention?

Shock and Strut Repair Services

Symptoms of a faulty suspension vary widely. Unfortunately, some of these symptoms will only be obvious when you're trying to avoid an obstacle in the road or prevent an accident. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, give us a call as soon as possible and we'll diagnose your problem.

  • Fluid appears to be leaking out of the strut or shock body
  • Your tires are wearing unevenly
  • You hear excessive noise when you go over bumps
  • You're experiencing swaying or bouncing
  • Your vehicle doesn't seem to be level
  • Your vehicle isn't handling well
  • Your vehicle seems to do a "nose dive" when you use the brakes
  • Your steering is noisy or unusually stiff

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