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Wheel Alignment Services near Manchester, NH from Granite State Tire and Battery

The modest cost of keeping your car aligned can save you hundreds in terms of tire mileage

Your wheel alignment has a big impact on your vehicle’s steering performance, tire wear, and fuel economy. Our alignment services ensure that your car drives smoother while stretching the life of your tires and your gas.

Could your car be out of alignment? Visit us at 945 Hanover Street or schedule an appointment to get it fixed.

Frequently asked questions about wheel alignments:

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When your wheels are out of alignment, it means they aren’t moving perfectly straight. If you drive with your vehicle out-of-alignment for an extended distance, it’s basically like dragging your tires sideways for miles. Understandably, this has a negative effect on the life of your tires.
  • If your tires are noticeably uneven
  • If there is pulling to the left or right while you drive
  • After you change a set of tires, you always need an alignment
  • If you’ve driven about 10,000 miles since your last alignment
  • If you need to hold onto the steering-wheel to drive straight
All vehicles have different guidelines, but as a rule of thumb -- you should check your alignment every 10,000 miles.
  • Inspection of your suspension and steering components
  • Examination of your tires for size, wear, and inflation.
  • Cross-checking your vehicles alignment with manufacturer guidelines
A number of factors can cause your wheels to be misaligned. Minor collisions, potholes, and every-day wear and tear will slowly alter your alignment.
Did you just hit a classic New Hampshire pothole? Checking your alignment now can save you the hassle of having to buy tires sooner.

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